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Why You Should Hire An Explainer Video Company

15 January 2023

Why You Should Hire An Explainer Video Company

If anything is abundant in today's technologically advanced and connected world, it is resources and knowledge. There are tools and tutorials readily available all over the internet. So is there a reason you should hire a company to make explainer videos for you instead of doing it yourself with DIY tools in-house or relying on freelance websites?

It turns out there are many. Here are some of the reasons why you should outsource making explainer videos to a company:

It's smart

An explainer video is more complex than video making. It tells the story of your business most engagingly and compellingly. A poorly produced video can harm your brand more than help. A compelling video requires time and specific skills, not to mention experience. An agency with vast experience in different market segments is better able to understand what clicks.

For example, will a 60-second clip work better in the scenario, or does something else have a better precedent?

Making explainer videos is a team effort, and every team member brings a unique skill set and experience to the table. Since it is not your core business and theirs is, they come with certain inherent advantages, for example, proficiency to peek into human psychology or factors and details that enhance the conversion rates. It is a systematic process for the agency, and missing out on steps is not possible. A professional team with professional equipment aims at an irresistible pitch with an impeccably-crafted script, storyboard, graphics, and animation. Details like background score and voice-over are as important as well.

Using DIY tools tends to create similar videos with no original creativity. At the same time, a video-making company will customize everything to your story with exclusive designs, characters, and graphics for your specific audience and their needs. They bridge the gap between business and creativity, sparing you the ordeals of hit and trial.

Not only an agency provides the most delicate visual depiction of your thought process, but it can also serve as a fresh pair of eyes, so you understand the outsider's perspective better. When you are too engrossed in your business, a neutral outlook is a huge advantage to help you better reach out to your customers. A video-making company understands market trends better.

It's economical!

Spending your time on non-core business or setting up an in-house team for the purpose and maintaining it comes with its own cost. It seems DIY tools are an inexpensive way to do it; it may not be in the long run. On the other hand, what you get from your investment in a video-making company may far surpass it. A video-making company is more accountable and liable to finish the project on time. There aren't any hidden or unpredictable costs, so budgeting is smoother. If you do it yourself, you invest your time that could be better utilized. It is also essential to have the latest or best tools and equipment because the cost barrier leads to low ROI on the video. And it is not a brilliant idea to buy expensive equipment for something your business is not.

It's efficient!

Relying on freelance websites also has pitfalls like a lack of team understanding and overall vision. Management and communication can become challenging as nobody owns the project. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. People with tunnel visions are less likely to put together the most creative and effective product. In the case of an agency or an experienced team, there will be a single point of contact, and any iterations will go through one person only, saving you time and energy.

To sum it up, there are resources all over the place, and it sounds tempting to lap things up and get going. But astute business thinking makes for trusting professionals with their core expertise while you strengthen your own!

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