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7 Reasons You Need Explainer Videos to Tell Your Brand Story

14 January 2023

7 Reasons You Need Explainer Videos to Tell Your Brand Story

Video is more accessible than ever, thanks to mobile devices and internet providers competing over data speeds. It's also easier to produce than it has been for previous generations. With humans being incredibly visual, moving images can help easily convey meaning and conceptualize a complex concept.

Having an explainer video boosts engagement and works as a powerful tool for promoting your product or service most concisely. Animated marketing videos hold significant potential as a commercial strategy to position your brand.

And among the different video formats, you can produce, explainer videos stand out as they are short clips between 30 and 90 seconds that give a succinct description of your product or service. And the time limit helps you focus on the critical message, as short as 145 words. You can use it across all of your online channels.

So, why explainer videos?

  1. They are concise and give the most information in the shortest amount of time. Your customers wouldn't get a chance to bail early, and the message can hit home with them.

  2. They capture the solution and the real problem in the first place. As the video progresses linearly with time, you can grab a chain of events to establish the connection between the problem and the solution.

  3. Explainer videos allow more room for creativity. You can play with innovative approaches to animation, build jokes, and create a holistic experience for the audience. A video that surprises the audience at first and then delights them, making them reflect on the thought behind it, even after watching, is the most-effective way to go about its creation.

  4. Explainer videos are worth the time and investment. You can leverage them across several channels as part of your branding strategy</ – YouTube, embedded on your website's landing page, or even incorporated as any proposal presentation. Another perk is it being small in size and easily transferrable. Free video hosting sites such as YouTube and Vimeo have useful tools that enable you to upload your videos and use keywords to draw their interest.

  5. Being an easy-to-learn medium, new branding and marketing team members can learn from your explainer videos. You don't need to spend years learning or perfecting the skill. That's probably why 65 percent of marketers plan to increase their video marketing budgets.

  6. They are suitable for the new customer base and the old audience, as explainer videos can serve as a tutorial so that they can understand the concepts easily. You can let your brand's personality shine through visuals and narration as part of the script while you showcase the benefits of the product or service in question.

  7. Explainer videos have emerged as not only an engaging but an intelligent medium because they can allow you to gauge your potential customers of the specific product or service, basis the views and metrics.

Some more nuggets for thought

Your explainer video can be used as a winning asset for your strategy, primarily if you ensure that one of the missions of the video is to answer the audience's questions before they even ask them.

It's most effective when you start the video with the overall concept, then begin formulating the problem that your business is solving for your customers, followed by the solution. Remember to highlight the unique value proposition of your product or service. It's wisest to talk about a relatable problem in the video, and you must not forget to use your brand voice, color, typography, and any quirks.

Pay the most attention to the call to action you leave for your audience. It should be easy to understand – if you have a message you want to direct the audience to, be it a whitepaper, website, or a free trial, remember to communicate that.

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